Out of the Orchard


A New Cherry Season Brings Hope, Opportunity and Plenty of Challenges

As the Northwest Cherry season draws closer by the day … for the first time in six or seven years I am thinking that the 2013 crop has the potential to begin harvest during the first days of June.

In this business, what appears to be “so” in April might [...]

In Times of Plenty

I think we can all agree the record Washington apple crop of 2012 couldn’t have happened at a better time. Severely reduced crop volumes in Michigan and New York created unprecedented domestic demand, pushing movement and prices to new heights.

However, if our other U.S. apple producing brethren had normal [...]

Optimistic about pears

Recently, I had the pleasure to address a large number of growers at North Central Washington Pear Day in Wenatchee. The title of my talk was “Why I am optimistic about pears,” and I examined some of the trends that lead me to believe the future of the pear [...]

Plan ahead

This week, I had the pleasure of giving presentations at apple meetings in Chelan and Wenatchee focusing on the good fortune Washington apple growers are enjoying this season.
Crop failures in New York, Michigan, and Ontario, Canada, have provided unprecedented domestic demand and price support. The 2012-13 Washington apple [...]

A Glimpse of Washington State’s Future

In the third week of July 2012, at the Washington Apple Commission’s board of directors meeting, I decided to have a little fun. Around the conference room table were some of the brightest in our industry who dedicate their lives to their business and our industry. I figured they [...]

On the Hill in D.C.

Last week, I joined 500 produce industry professionals in Washington, D.C., for the United Fresh Public Policy Conference. Two highlights were the march on Capitol Hill and the Fresh Festival.

United Fresh briefed all attendees on some of the most pressing topics and concerns to the produce industry in the [...]

Will We Miss It?

With 300,000,000 middle-class consumers—and growing—China is Washington State’s fourth-largest export market and has been identified as the number-two growth market for Washington apples in the next five years.

But U.S. apple exports to China have been halted since August 9 because no new import permits have been issued that allow [...]

Northwest Cherry 2012 Season at a Glance

The final sweet cherry shipments from the Pacific Northwest left the industry this weekend, bringing an end to a challenging, but record-breaking season.  Here at Northwest Cherry Growers, we have been meeting with numerous retailers, growers, and sales-desk personnel across the industry. It appears that no grower, sales agent, [...]

Off and Running

As you are harvesting pears OFF your trees, we are RUNNING to get our marketing programs in place to help ensure a good, positive start to the season.

The Pear Bureau’s regional marketing managers are calling on retailers and providing customized analysis and merchandising suggestions. In the home office, we [...]

Don’t Count Your Chickens…

On the surface, what a year 2012 could be to a Washington State apple grower!  If you have the good fortune to have avoided the weather events, the picture is quite rosy for another profitable season for Pacific Northwest apple growers.  New York and Michigan, Washington’s primary domestic competitors, [...]