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NY Congressman Introduces Bill

This week, Congressman Bill Owens, who represents the largest McIntosh growing region in the world, introduced H.R. 3914 that will exempt apples shipped in bulk containers to Canada from the current Apple Export Act.

Upon the urging of the New York apple industry, Mr. Owens drafted the legislation that will [...]

D.C. meeting yields common message

Last week, apple folks from Washington State to Vermont met in Washington, D.C., to attend the U.S. Apple Association’s Public Affairs meeting. This committee convenes each year at this time prior to our annual Washington, D.C., meeting in March. The purpose is to review and approve the many different [...]

Sometimes Politics

In all businesses, there are days where politics come into play and understanding the political playing field is as important as knowing when to pick fruit at its peak, to sell fruit at the optimum price, and to know where and when to [...]

A Blog about a Blog

Today I am blogging about another blog called the Pear Dish which lives on the Pear Bureau’s website www.usapears.org. The Pear Dish bloggers include two Pear Bureau employees from pear headquarters as well as a registered dietitian. The topics are varied but always engaging [...]

Nothing Stays the Same

Soon it will be 10 years since the duties and responsibilities of the Washington Apple Commission were revised to concentrate on international promotions only.  In the same time period, we’ve experienced wide variations in crop volumes and export quantities.  Washington’s total crop volume has fluctuated 30,000,000 cartons, ranging from [...]

Gotta Be Heard!

How many years have we said, “Unless you fix immigration, our apples will not be picked,” and how many years have we picked the crop?  How many trips to Washington, D.C., and how many testimonials have been made with the same message: without AgJOBs or a workable ag labor [...]

A Busy Start

As we move into our prime promotion season, some positive things are happening in the world of pears.

We recently finished up a great Produce Marketing Association convention in Atlanta, Georgia. There were over 18,000 people at this show. We have an attractive booth that drew a lot of visitors. [...]

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    The Tree Fruit Industry Attends Produce Marketing Association Meeting in Atlanta

The Tree Fruit Industry Attends Produce Marketing Association Meeting in Atlanta

Keith Hu visits with a Chinese importer at PMA 2011. The team at the Washington State Fruit Commission attended the annual Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit this past week.  This year, over 18,000 produce industry members from over 50 countries attended the exposition.  Likewise, over [...]

Labor reform

Dear Congressional Staff:

I apologize for what might seem to be a form message to you all, but I wanted to reach out to you as soon as I could today to talk about Agricultural Labor in New York State, and the increasing labor shortages that we are experiencing.

Although I [...]

Earthquakes, Hurricane, Tropical Storms and E-Verify!

Holy Catastrophe, Batman! What’s next?

Dealing with Mother Nature in the North East, is certainly something that we just accept and live with, but earthquakes, hurricanes, and topical storms all in a few weeks—I think someone is testing us.  The ground shake that Californians are so use to, did not [...]