Out of the Orchard


Cherries took the stage

On March 2 through 5, the Cherry Marketing Institute took part in the Research Chefs Association’s (RCA) Annual Conference & Culinology Expo. The RCA conference is the only research and development conference focused on the discipline of Culinology—the blending of culinary arts and food science. At the conference, CMI [...]

Amman, Jordan

Approximately 6 million people live in Jordan, with Amman representing over 2 million. The currency is the Jordanian Dinar at JD$0.7 to US$1. The United States has a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Jordan that allows for duty-free access to the country for Washington/USA apples. There is a 4 [...]

On the show floor

Each February, the largest produce-oriented trade show in the world, Fruitlogistica, is held in Berlin. This year marked the 16th Fruitlogistica where USA Pears had a booth presence.

The show expands each year, and with 2,452 exhibitors from 84 countries, it is easy to get lost in the pack. Although [...]

Go Red Instead

Last month, the Cherry Marketing Institute announced news of an inaugural trade advertising campaign. The campaign’s goal is to drive tart cherry usage with ingredient decision makers, and convince them to include tart cherries in their new product formulas and menus.

This is the first trade advertising plan since CMI [...]

Forecasts, Trends and Hot Topics for 2011, Part 2

Here is part two of my look at the hot trends and topics for 2011. Check my earlier post for other forecasts.
Some recent happenings in DC should continue to have some big play throughout the year.

Food Safety- The President just signed a food safety bill. Implementation may [...]

Forecasts, Trends, and Hot Topics for 2011

As we enter the new year, it seems as though many pundits are predicting the hot trends and topics for 2011. I’ve developed my own list based on relevancy to our industry.
Buying Local – This will continue to be hot and may get more buzz than organic. [...]

Pie shooters and other great trends

This past week, the Cherry Marketing Institute held its 22nd annual meeting in Traverse City, Michigan. We presented a report to the industry detailing the marketing results from 2010, as well as plans for 2011. It has been an amazing year as the “Red Recovery Routine” worked well for [...]

Full Disclosure and Open Transparency

Now that the U.S. Government has passed the long-awaited food-safety legislation that has been many years in the making, one would think that we are all about to enter into a new era of consumer protectionism. Billed as The Food Safety Modernization Act, costing an estimated $1.4 billion in [...]

Cherry Institute

Winters seem to pass more quickly every year. As most know … winter is officially “meeting time” in the Pacific Northwest tree fruit industry. Cherry growers will have numerous opportunities to come in from the cold and focus on the challenges of producing the best sweet cherries in the [...]

New Year, New Congress

The year 2011 will be a challenge for our industry as we enter into an era of reduced spending and, obviously, program cutting. In most cases, defeated House members were ousted because, well, “change” didn’t come as promised, and what change did happen, came with a huge price tag!

New [...]