Out of the Orchard


New York Congressional Delegation stands up for US Apples

After returning from the United Fresh Public Policy Conference in Washington, D.C., last month, I was inspired to take on yet another national issue that has serious implications for the apple industry: the Mexican cross border trucking problem, which has now drawn apples onto the tariff list! While visiting [...]

Governor’s Mission to China, Pt. 2

Monday Visit – We arrived in Yantai in the early afternoon on Monday and proceeded approximately 120km to a modern facility in Qixia.

The facility was modern and set up similarly to most Washington State packers. The packing line had a four-lane sizer with a water dump. The line [...]

Useful Web Sites

The 2010 pear season is starting out well and we have a lot of activities and programs to help ensure it continues that way. Working in a constantly changing marketplace, it is important to stay on top of things in order to create strategies and plans for tomorrow and [...]

Governor’s Mission to China

Mid September, I had the opportunity to travel to China on the Washington State Governor’s Mission. Prior to the mission, Washington Apple Commission Chairman Frank Davis and I visited Shandong Province and I would like to share these details with you.

Yantai is a coastal city lying southwest of Dalian [...]

Vietnam: A Land of Mopeds and Growing Cherry Consumption

Keith Hu discusses merchandising strategy with Metro Fruit Category Manager Vu Thi Thu Huang. The cherry crop in the Northwest continues to expand and growers will continue to need new markets and new segments in order to remain viable. With this fact in mind, I [...]

Asian Trade Tour, Week Two

Governor Christine Gregoire with Northwest Fruit Exporters’ Jim Archer (left) and me on our trade tour through Asia.

Washington Governor’s Tour to Asia

Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire is taking a group of agriculture representatives on a trade mission to Asia this week and next. This photo shows apple and potato commissioners and support personnel in Sci-tech Beijing with the state’s ag director. Sci-tech is a high-end retailer. Washington Apple Commission President [...]

Washington’s Export Outlook for 2010-2011

Recent travels to Chicago to attend the USApple Outlook conference have provided optimistic insights into the export opportunity, or more accurately 'competition', for Washington apples this season. Presenters from several countries provided apple estimates allowing for a global outlook on supplies:

Past, Present and Future Innovations in the Produce Industry

Recently I participated in a survey conducted by a major produce magazine to identify the most important innovations that have shaped the industry in the past 25 years as well as those that will shape the future. They will use the survey results in an upcoming issue of their [...]

Eleventh Hour Resolution

North East apple growers dodged a bullet this week, when a resolution to the stalled and bogged down Jamaican H2A program was finally announced by Senator Leahy’s (Vermont) office. The announcement of the resolution was made after industry leaders and elected officials worked tirelessly for the last few weeks [...]