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Shut Down

Last week I attended, along with about 500 others, the United Fresh Produce Association’s annual Washington Public Policy Conference. The partial shut-down that occurred with the end of the federal government’s fiscal year–Monday at midnight–threw something of a wrench into the event’s planned two-day schedule. Some officials were unable [...]

That fellow behind the tree

Earlier this week I attended a legal education seminar on estate planning as part of my obligation to keep my law license current. While the technical details were unfathomable to me, I did come away with renewed contempt for our nation’s overly complicated tax system and increased despair that [...]

The Big Apple

●  I was in New York City for three days on a family visit, before returning home on Tuesday, September 10. What struck me first upon arrival in the Big Apple was the concentration of humanity: NYC has about the same number of people (8.2 million) residing within its [...]

The Fickle Nature of Earned Media

With the industry running full tilt into apple harvest … the team at the Northwest Cherry Growers is putting together the post season pieces of this year’s sweet cherry harvest.  Final numbers are still being compiled but it looks like the 2013 crop is going to come at the [...]

Cuba Still Defying the Law of Gravitation

● Syria has managed to generate headaches not only for Middle East policy experts, but also for all those desiring quick Capitol Hill action in September on such pending matters as the Farm Bill, immigration reform, and appropriations. With President Obama now asking for a congressional debate and vote [...]

The Windy City

●  Last Wednesday and Thursday the United States Apple Association held its 2013 Apple Crop & Marketing Conference in Chicago. I attended this annual conference and then stayed over for the set of USApple committee and board meetings that followed in its wake on Friday and Saturday.

● At the [...]

Safe at the Plate

● FDA took to the highway this week for an informational tour of the fruit and vegetable  industry of the Pacific Northwest. Starting in Boise on Monday morning, a large group comprising regulatory officials and educators from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, land grant colleges, and state departments [...]

SAHCODHA — Bureaucratic acronyms run amok

● Newly proposed safety rules aimed at food imports contain one of the better examples of bureaucratic acronyms run amok that I have recently seen: SAHCODHA, which refers to hazards that are reasonably likely to cause “serious adverse health consequences or death to humans or animals.”

The Food and Drug [...]

Do I dare to eat a peach?

●  Last Friday the Food and Drug Administration rolled out two more of its proposed rules implementing FSMA, the Food Safety and Modernization Act. They deal mainly with food imports. Two new acronyms will join the bureaucratic food safety lexicon: VQIP (Voluntary Qualified Importer Program) and FSVP (Foreign Supplier [...]

Unlevel Fields

● A new Farm Bill is still a far ways from a Rose Garden bill-signing.  With the costly nutrition title stripped out of the House-passed version and the resulting hard feelings, it is uncertain how this will all come together in a legislative conference with the Senate. Meanwhile it is [...]