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Corr: the science, skill and beauty of a new orchard

I pass this field daily on my way to Good Fruit Grower’s offices in Yakima, Washington.

Our magazine reports on the latest research on best practices for irrigation, trellis systems, the merits of a new varieties and much more.

To see all these elements come together in the construction of a [...]

Corr: California growers criticize University of California

One of the great strengths of the American food industry is the strong partnerships between universities and grower groups. That’s especially evident in Washington State, where Washington State University has a huge and positive presence in the tree fruit and wine grape communities.

In California, a longtime partnership is showing [...]

Schlect: United Thawed

●  The American Frozen Food Institute has launched a 30 million dollar national effort to “encourage consumers to take a fresh look at frozen foods.” “Frozen. How Fresh Stays Fresh” is the tag line. This marketing initiative from AFFI, a group led by Kraig Naasz, a former member of [...]

Corr: Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

The staff of Good Fruit Grower started accounts with Facebook and Twitter as part of our  effort to improve how we get news and information to  growers. So far, readers like what they see. Our Facebook account  has 258 people who get our news feed. Our Twitter account just [...]

Thurlby: Northwest cherry team on the go through first crop estimate

The promotion staff at the Northwest Cherry Growers has been all over the globe over the past several months.

Likewise, the phone continues to ring with queries from media, retailers and importers asking how big the crop is going to be and from growers informing me that there is “great [...]

A little paint covers our latest issue

Our May 15, 2014, cherry issue cover is a reproduction of an original oil painting by Kathleen Coy of Council Bluffs, Iowa. I first used artwork on the cover of Good Fruit Grower in August 1993.

The inaugural painting was “Row of Bins,” a 16″ x 20″ oil by the [...]

Schlect: On a roll

Anne MacMillan has left her post as deputy chief of staff to Secretary Vilsack at USDA to join Roll Global,

Growers advised to prune crab apples (VIDEOS)

Dealing with Manchurian crab apple postharvest storage diseases

Behind the scenes with our labor issue cover

On the cover of the May 1, 2014, issue about labor, Fidalina Lleneas is pictured emptying a bucket of Sweetheart cherries into a bin at a Zirkle Fruit Company ranch west of Yakima, Washington.

At the bottom of the bucket, you can see her picker i.d. tag which will be [...]

Soils cover leads with Honeycrisp trellis system

On our April 15, 2014 issue cover, Raul Santana plants the last three trees at the end of every row of a new Honeycrisp orchard near the city of Yakima, Washington.

Owner Taylor Orchards used a GPS-aided planting system to do the main work, followed by the installation of underground [...]