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SAHCODHA — Bureaucratic acronyms run amok

● Newly proposed safety rules aimed at food imports contain one of the better examples of bureaucratic acronyms run amok that I have recently seen: SAHCODHA, which refers to hazards that are reasonably likely to cause “serious adverse health consequences or death to humans or animals.”

The Food and Drug [...]

Do I dare to eat a peach?

●  Last Friday the Food and Drug Administration rolled out two more of its proposed rules implementing FSMA, the Food Safety and Modernization Act. They deal mainly with food imports. Two new acronyms will join the bureaucratic food safety lexicon: VQIP (Voluntary Qualified Importer Program) and FSVP (Foreign Supplier [...]

Unlevel Fields

● A new Farm Bill is still a far ways from a Rose Garden bill-signing.  With the costly nutrition title stripped out of the House-passed version and the resulting hard feelings, it is uncertain how this will all come together in a legislative conference with the Senate. Meanwhile it is [...]

Farm Bill Brouhaha

● Today, in a surprisingly quick move, the House of Representatives passed by a vote of 216 to 208 a revised Farm Bill (H.R. 2642), a modified version of the proposed five-year Farm Bill that went down in flames on June 20. The big change? The majority stripped out, [...]

The Friendly Skies

● Immigration reform legislation has passed the U.S. Senate, but now faces tough times in the House. Unlike in the Senate, there is no clear set of respected leaders in the House of Representatives who want to make this reform happen–and many who want to see it fail. Most [...]

Farm Bill In Flames

● Today the House of Representatives failed to pass a new five-year Farm Bill by a vote of 195-234. This surprise defeat throws the future of traditional big Farm Bill packages into question. The union of urban and rural political interests that has existed since the 1930s in favor [...]

DC Shufflings

●  USDA has shuffled its leadership deck, especially as related to international trade policy. Sue Heinen, leader of the Foreign Agricultural Service, has moved across Independence Avenue to the Whitten Building to become acting deputy under secretary for farm and foreign agricultural services. She is now deputy to Darci [...]

The Art, Science…and Luck of Cherry Crop Estimation

It’s June 12th 2013 and the Northwest Cherry harvest for this season is officially underway. We saw our first shipments leave the industry on June 7th.   Volume over the next week or so is expected to be very limited. We have shipped just over 300,000 boxes to date and [...]

The Apple Cart

●  A new group is being formed to help American agricultural interests better understand and interact with the international trade policy structure in Beijing. It is to be known as the U.S.-China Agriculture & Food Partnership. Players such as Archer Daniels Midland and Cotton Council International are working to [...]

Boughs Loaded With Fruit

●  I attended United Fresh 2013 last week in San Diego, the annual convention and trade show of the United Fresh Produce Association.  Over the years the number of both attendees and exhibitors has slowly declined at this traditional event. The trade show floor now is more weighted to [...]