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Northwest Cherry 2012 Season at a Glance

The final sweet cherry shipments from the Pacific Northwest left the industry this weekend, bringing an end to a challenging, but record-breaking season.  Here at Northwest Cherry Growers, we have been meeting with numerous retailers, growers, and sales-desk personnel across the industry. It appears that no grower, sales agent, [...]

Jenkins Hill X

This month, Ellen Terpstra was named the new chief executive officer of the International Food and Agricultural Trade Policy Council. A good friend of mine since the 1980s, Ellen previously led the United States Apple Association and was a top agricultural trade negotiator at both the Office of the [...]

Apple Anarchy

● Four of life’s misfits have been charged in Georgia with murder and other crimes. All army personnel (one from Cashmere, Washington), the four allegedly had formed an anarchist militia group with plans to blow up a dam in Washington State and poison the state’s apple crop. Later, they [...]

Off and Running

As you are harvesting pears OFF your trees, we are RUNNING to get our marketing programs in place to help ensure a good, positive start to the season.

The Pear Bureau’s regional marketing managers are calling on retailers and providing customized analysis and merchandising suggestions. In the home office, we [...]


● For some reason known only to cheeseheads, Wisconsin has been at the center of a number of national political stories this year, including the attempted recall of its governor by the state employee unions, Representative Paul Ryan’s selection by Mitt  Romney as his running mate, and this Tuesday’s [...]

Don’t Count Your Chickens…

On the surface, what a year 2012 could be to a Washington State apple grower!  If you have the good fortune to have avoided the weather events, the picture is quite rosy for another profitable season for Pacific Northwest apple growers.  New York and Michigan, Washington’s primary domestic competitors, [...]

Washington State Primary

●  Tuesday’s primary in Washington clarified who will be running in the general election for the state’s ten House of Representatives seats in the 113th Congress. No surprises, with four incumbent Republicans (Doc Hastings, Dave Reichert, Jaime Herrera Beutler, and Cathy McMorris Rodgers) likely to cruise to reelection this [...]

Farm Bill V

●  Moving a Farm Bill through Congress this year has proved difficult. Why?  Because it represents huge expenditures of taxpayer dollars (mostly on social feeding programs, such as food stamps); contains controversial environmental policy directives; incites arguments between large commodity groups based on self-interest and geography; represents “big government” [...]

Insane Coils of Red Tape

● As a result of this year’s redistricting, commercial tree fruit growers will have reason to have constituent contact with four out of the ten representatives to be sent from Washington state to the nation’s capital for next year’s 113th Congress. Each of the four districts are now held [...]


● The merger talks between the Produce Market Association and the United Fresh Produce Association have failed. It appears that the break point was over who would lead a combined trade association: PMA’s board is said to have wanted its own Brian Silbermann to be the designated CEO, while [...]