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  • A humble leader (Video)

A humble leader (Video)

Throughout his career, WSU entomologist Jay Brunner has turned science into economic reality for Washington State tree fruit growers.
  • Sarah Adams, Young Grower, Feb. 15, 2014

Sarah Adams, Young Grower, Feb. 15, 2014

  • February 19th, 2014

Sarah Adams / grower / Delhi, California

age / 31

business / Warda Farms

family farm / Susan Warda, mom, and sisters Kristin Bulk, Michelle Dwight

crops / Cling peaches, almonds, custom almond harvesting

title / Managing partner

Q: What was your path into farming?
Growing up, I worked on our farm in the peaches [...]

  • Pear research never ending

Pear research never ending

  • February 18th, 2014
Oregon State University researcher is retiring in May after studying pear diseases for more than 35 years.
  • Wine Grape Growers 2014 gallery

Wine Grape Growers 2014 gallery

  • February 7th, 2014

Moments from the 2014 Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers convention held in Kennewick, Washington in February, 2014. (TJ Mullinax/Good Fruit Grower)

  • Tyler Harlington, Young Grower Feb. 1, 2014

Tyler Harlington, Young Grower Feb. 1, 2014

  • February 3rd, 2014

Q:  Did you always want to be a farmer?
I wanted to be a lawyer. I wanted to get away from the farm life and go to the city. I wanted to wear suits and ties and drive a nice sports car and have a nice penthouse in the [...]

  • Living the dream

Living the dream

  • January 27th, 2014
Victor Palencia is one of the youngest winery owners in Washington’s wine industry.