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Pest Control

Featured stories about pest control appear in this issue.

Phasing out Guthion

  • March 1st, 2007

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is phasing out use of the organophosphate pesticide Guthion (azinphos-methyl) over a number of years to give growers time [...]

Codling Moth Has a New Calendar

  • March 1st, 2007

Fundamental to the effective management of codling moth in Washington State orchards has been the use of a simple predictive model to time the [...]

Apple maggot found in B.C.

  • March 1st, 2007

Grape growers aren’t the only ones confronting new pests. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is battling two new apple pests in British Columbia. [...]

Switching new products for old

  • March 1st, 2007

Washington State University and the Washington tree fruit industry are proposing a major effort to help orchardists transition away from organophosphate pesticides. The three-year [...]

Cherry growers take the bait

  • March 1st, 2007

An insecticide-laced bait that is squirted on trees to control cherry fruit fly has saved growers an estimated $2.75 million over the past three [...]

Europe irked by wine tax break

  • March 1st, 2007

A tax exemption for Canadian wineries has drawn the ire of the European Union, which has hauled Canada before the World Trade Organization in [...]

Looking for a pesticide solution

  • March 1st, 2007

When Jim Hazen went to Olympia this legislative session to represent the tree fruit growers of Washington State, he had the solution even before [...]

  • Apple maggot on the move

Apple maggot on the move

  • March 1st, 2007

Left: The apple maggot is about the size of a house fly and has distinctive markings on its wings, a white patch [...]

  • Growing more cherries

Growing more cherries

  • March 1st, 2007

LEFT: Bill Warmerdam and son John grow and pack their own tree fruit in addition to packing cherries, apples, and kiwis for [...]

Alternative pest controls

  • March 1st, 2007

Pest control is not easy for tree fruit growers, who face resistance and regulatory challenges, as well as pressure from neglected orchards. But new [...]

B.C. growers support survival strategy

  • March 1st, 2007

Integration, innovation, and quality enhancement have been embraced as the roads to a revitalized tree-fruit industry in British Columbia, Canada. A comprehensive, industrywide [...]

  • Putting buffers to work

Putting buffers to work

  • March 1st, 2007

This living barrier in the middle is part of an Oregon State University study to measure how much drift is trapped from [...]

New pests threaten B.C. grapes

  • March 1st, 2007

The growing movement of goods and people worldwide increases the risk that new pests will invade vineyards in North America and around the world. [...]

  • Managing pesticide drift

Managing pesticide drift

  • March 1st, 2007

Under certain weather conditions, sprays don’t always stay where they are intended. Pesticide residues are detected in many places [...]

  • Timing is critical

Timing is critical

  • March 1st, 2007

Vince Jones developed the Decision-Aid System to help growers with pest management. Timing is everything in pest management. Say [...]

  • Don’t grow small cherries

Don’t grow small cherries

  • March 1st, 2007

An oversupply of small cherries last season hurt growers financially. Fifty-six percent of the Pacific Northwest’s fresh sweet cherry [...]