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Good Fruit Grower of the Year

Featured stories about the good fruit grower of the year appear in this issue.

Last Bite

January 1st, 2007|0 Comments

Ed Prentice and his younger brother Howard established Prentice Packing and Cold Storage Company in 1926 in Yakima, Washington. Organized primarily as a packing and

In my view

January 1st, 2007|0 Comments

A colleague of mine recently shared a story with me about resistance to change. Dave was recalling a comment that he heard at a seminar.

Cherry double?

January 1st, 2007|0 Comments

European consumers buying cherries can choose many different varieties produced throughout the world. In the past, Germany, Italy, Spain, and France have dominated the European

Fruit breeding in New Zealand

January 1st, 2007|0 Comments

Crispie, various pear crosses, Maxie. Ray Schmitten, a pear grower in Cashmere, Washington, reports on a study trip to New Zealand that he took in