The recently released revised edition of Paul Gregutt’s Washington Wines and Wineries: the Essential Guide is more than an update of his first book published in 2008. It’s a new book almost rewritten from top to bottom.   

So much has changed in the state’s wine industry since Gregutt began writing the first Washington Wines and Wineries five years ago that he says he felt compelled to revisit the topic.

“There are 50 percent more wineries now, two new AVAs

[American Viticultural Areas] that hadn’t existed three years ago, more vineyards that were getting to a mature age and really producing better quality grapes, a lot of viticulture research has gone on…and a lot of real discovery made in the vineyard,” he said. “Industry changes are an ongoing process, but I felt that enough had changed to make it worth doing another book.”

Gregutt, a journalist for 35 years, writes newspaper and magazine columns about Pacific Northwest wines and shares his insights through an Internet wine blog and social media outlets of Facebook and Twitter.

“I do have a particular passion for Washington State wine and wineries and felt it was important someone be the chronicler of record and do the in-depth kind of book that will last for decades,” he said. “I’m writing my book for the audience 50 years from now. You can’t get that kind of history off the Internet.”

In the new book published by University of California Press, Gregutt speaks to a global audience not necessarily from the region, describing the history of wine grape growing in the state and viticultural conditions that make Washington unique. He provides detailed information about the state’s AVAs, from where, when, and how the varieties are grown to profiling the top vineyards and top 225 wineries.

In sum, he said “It’s an overview of the state’s viticultural history and what makes Washington a very special and important wine region.”