A humble leader (Video)

Throughout his career, WSU entomologist Jay Brunner has turned science into economic reality for Washington State tree fruit growers.


  • Looking for a bipartisan solution

Looking for a bipartisan solution

  • October 1st, 2012

Apple harvest season last year brought home to Dale Foreman just how important a reliable labor force was to his apple-growing operation. Some of his apples went unpicked because of a labor shortage in Washington State, and some were picked too late for best quality and ended up going [...]

  • The ciders of Quebec

The ciders of Quebec

  • October 1st, 2012

In Canada’s Quebec province, the word cider means only one thing—fermented apple juice. You don’t call it hard cider, or apple wine. You just call it cider.

Unlike in the United States, in Quebec apple juice isn’t called cider until it is a fermented, alcoholic beverage. The word wine is [...]

  • Honeycrisp moves into top six

Honeycrisp moves into top six

  • October 1st, 2012

For the first time, Honeycrisp will make the list of the top six apple varieties produced in the United States this year.

The rank order of the top six U.S. varieties, by bushels, is Red Delicious, Gala, Golden Delicious, Fuji, Granny Smith, and Honeycrisp, Mark Seetin, director of regulatory affairs [...]

Apple pricing will be challenging this year

  • October 1st, 2012

U.S. apple growers will market a smaller-than-average-size crop this year, but pricing the product won’t be easy, and there are penalties for making the wrong choices early in the season.

“Don’t lose October,” admonished Steve Lutz, executive vice president of the Nielsen Perishables Group, speaking to attendees at the U.S. [...]

  • Good to know: WSU releases WA 38 apple

Good to know: WSU releases WA 38 apple

  • September 1st, 2012

The latest release from WSU, WA 38, is an eye-catching, large, dark red apple with a remarkably firm, crisp, and juicy texture. It also has exceptional flavor with ample sweetness and enough tartness to impart real character. When it comes to the combination of taste, texture, and beauty, WA [...]

  • Good to Know: A gem of a pear

Good to Know: A gem of a pear

  • September 1st, 2012

US 71655-014 has been tested in Hood River, Oregon, for ten years, and is expected to be released soon.

A new fireblight-resistant, European pear selection bred by Dr. Richard Bell at the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Appalachian Fruit Research Station in Kearneysville, West Virginia, is expected to be released soon. [...]

  • Lake Chelan sparkles

Lake Chelan sparkles

  • September 1st, 2012

Julie Pittsinger checks on her four-year-old planting of Pinot Meunier, one of the grapes traditionally used to make Champagne.

Julie and Bret Pittsinger, owners of Karma Vineyards at Chelan, believe that the Lake Chelan area could become Washington State’s champagne-style wine region.

Chelan’s relatively cool climate is ideal for producing high-acid [...]

  • Good Stuff

Good Stuff

  • August 1st, 2012

New cherry sorters

Chelan Fruit Cooperative has about 600 year-round employees, but needs an additional 1,000 packing house workers during the cherry season. It installed a new cherry grader at its Brewster plant this season to reduce its labor needs.

After just a week of working with the new equipment, Rick [...]

  • The Kings of Flint

The Kings of Flint

  • August 1st, 2012

Jacky and Dora King have been urban farmers for about six years. The six acres that they farm now contain two hoop-style greenhouses, vegetable gardens, and a 200-tree fruit orchard. The property used to hold a row of abandoned  houses and a commercial business that repaired cars, Dora King [...]

  • Urban orchards

Urban orchards

  • August 1st, 2012

For more than half a century, the great industrial cities of the northeastern United States have been decaying. From what used to be dynamic urban centers, people and industries have moved out, sprawling over adjacent farmland with homes, factories, roads, and shopping centers.

They leave behind abandoned houses and factories, [...]

  • Canadians will reduce pressure to eliminate plum pox

Canadians will reduce pressure to eliminate plum pox

  • July 1st, 2012

In the “usual” journalistic process, reporters find expert sources and ask questions, then ask additional questions as the answers dictate. This process did not work in developing this article.

On both sides of the U.S.-Canadian border, phone calls directed to knowledgeable horticulturists involved in the plum pox programs were shunted [...]

  • Truitt Brothers helps consolidate pear processing

Truitt Brothers helps consolidate pear processing

  • July 1st, 2012

After almost 40 years as a major pear canner, Truitt Brothers of Salem, Oregon, is “bowing out” of the business in order to help the industry consolidate.

The company is no longer processing pears, and its 50 growers will instead take their fruit to Northwest Packing Company (part of the [...]