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Winter AG Academy Tri-Cities @ Three Rivers Convention Center

Workers – Training to the Worker Protection Standard (Spanish)

If you have employees working directly with or even around pesticides, this workshop is an excellent opportunity for you to provide them with Accredited and Documented Training. All training is Hands On and directly administered by experienced WSDA trainers. All participants will receive a WSDA Handler Card upon course completion – no testing required! Six WSDA pesticide recertification credits will be available for licensed participants!

Crew Leaders – Leadership Skills (Spanish)

This session focuses on the role of training and development in managing others and the significance of communication. Areas of emphasis include: understanding the importance of job descriptions; common sense practices and self-evaluation; discipline and termination; hostile work environment; and dealing with unwanted visitors. Attendees will participate with the instructors and each other in self-evaluation and identifying best management practices for achieving maximum contributions.

Owner/HR – Agricultural Labor Law (English)

This track is full of important need-to-know state and federal labor regulatory updates specific to agricultural employers. Know your legal requirements and your rights!

(Pre-Registration is required)

For additional information or to register, please contact Maegen Otterstein: maegen@gslong.com or

Salvador Jimenez: salvadorj@gslong.com. You can also call either at 1(800) 338-5664