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See the impacts of orchard overhead netting for hail and sunburn protection, as part of WSU’s large-scale trial at McDougal and Sons, In., in Quincy, WA. For more information contact Tianna DuPont, 509-663-8181, Ext 211 or tianna.dupont@wsu.edu.

Orchard netting can provide hail and sunburn protection. See the impacts in the field as part of WSU’s large scale trials at McDougall and Son’s Prospector Orchards. Washington State University researchers are studying how different colors of photoselective anti-hail netting address costly problems such as sunburn and tree stress. Visit a 12-acre block of Honeycrisp in the fourth leaf at McDougall and Sons orchard where researchers have installed red, blue and pearl netting. All three colors of netting reduce light by approximately 20%, thus helping to reduce sunburn. Learn how the different colored nets impact: light, the microclimate under the net including temperature, wind speed, and humidity;the impact on photosynthetic activity and tree stress;and the effect on fruit quality, storability and packout. Speakers will include: Dr. Lee Kalcsits, WSU Assistant Professor of Tree Fruit Physiology; and Dr. Stefano Musacchi, WSU Endowed Chair and Associate Professor of Tree Fruit Physiology and Management.