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Sunburn and Delayed Sunscald Field Visit

When: Thursday May 25, 2017 @ 10:00 – 11:45 am

Where: Meet at McDougall’s Whitetrail Shop 8463 Rd. U NW, Quincy, WA. 98848 first. We will proceed to netted orchard block at 11:00 am.

What: Join WSU Extension for a brief training in regards to sunburn and delayed sunscald. This training is of interest both for managers preventing problems in the field and postharvest professionals.

Sunburn and delayed sunscald can significantly reduce pack out. Join WSU for the latest research on preventing and managing sunburn.
· Sunburn and delayed sunscald physiology and measurements. A review of the critical basics with Dr. Rob Blakey, WSU Extension Post Harvest.
· Predicting delayed sunscald. Dr. Carolina Torres, from the University of Talca in Chile has developed a model that better predicts delayed sunscald. Join her for a discussion of how this model can be used for decision making in the packing house.
· Practical tips for managing sunburn and delayed sunburn by Ines Hanrahan, Project Manager at the WTFRC. Ines discusses findings from WTFRC sunburn trials and how to increase the effectiveness of sunburn mitigation and some potential pitfalls.
· Washington State University researchers are studying how netting in different colors addresses problems, such as sunburn and stress, that cost growers dollars. Visit a 12-acre block of Honeycrisp in the fourth leaf at McDougall and Sons orchard where researchers have installed red, blue and pearl netting. Dr. Lee Kalcsits, WSU Assistant Professor of Horticulture will discuss how different colors of netting are impacting tree growth; fruit quality, storability and packout; and topics related to netting installation.

Contacts: Rob Blakey, WSU Extension rob.blakey@wsu.edu, (509) 608-9394; Tianna DuPont, WSU Extension Tianna.dupont@wsu.edu, (509) 663-8181 ext 211

No registration is required. No fee. No credits are available.

Research funded in part by the Tree Fruit Research Commission