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Entire program will be available in Spanish with live translation

Part 1: ‘Coral Champagne’ Orchards

8:00 – Hayden Farms
46°24’09.1″N 119°13’38.5″W
2nd & 3rd leaf
Tatura training system on Mazzard

9:30 – Finley Cherries
46°16’57.3″N 119°30’16.8″W
3rd leaf
Y-trellised hoop system on Gisela 6

11:00 – Cleveringa Farms, Missimer Rd Ranch
46°15’03.4″N 119°48’38.8″W
3rd and 4th leaf
Steep leader on Gisela 6

46°15’10.4″N 119°44’13.3″W
—Little cherry disease
—Powdery mildew
—Precision pollination
—New tool for frost protection
—Solidset canopy delivery system
—Automated blossom thinning

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Matt Whiting (mdwhiting@wsu.edu) or Bernardita Sallato (b.sallato@wsu.edu)