Low-profile cab

Blueline Equipment Company of Moxee, Washington, has developed a low-profile cab designed specifically to fit on Kubota tractor models M8540 and M7040N, which is available exclusively from Blueline. The cab is engineered with high-impact tinted safety glass to provide good visibility in all directions and easy movement through orchards and vineyards.

The air-conditioned cab is rubber-vibration–insulated for a tight fit and seal to the tractor. It features side glass doors for easy access and front and rear window wipers with washers. Air quality is controlled by a charcoal filtration system. The cab can be easily removed for harvest and put back on again.

For information, call Gregg Marrs at (509) 248-8411.

Spray trees, not spaces

Progressive Ag, Inc,. of Modesto, California, has developed a new control system for its LectroBlast orchard sprayers using LectroSense technology. LectroSense technology allows trees in young orchards to be sprayed but not the spaces between them, reducing chemical use and waste by up to 75 percent, according to the company.

LectroSense was named a Top Ten New Product at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, California.

For information, call Mark Ryckman at (209) 567-3232.

Single tunnel

Haygrove Tunnels has introduced a single-bay tunnel called the Super Solo, which is a taller and stronger version of its Solo tunnel. The hoops, which allow tractor access, are made with 12-guage, high-strength steel with horizontal struts that can support the weight of trellised crops. The tunnel has 12-foot-wide roll-up doors and is made of thermal heat barrier (THB) poly, which diffuses sunlight and reduces infrared light.

For information, check the company’s Web site at www.haygrove.co.uk/pages/tunnels_benefits.html.

Wireless sensors

Onset Computer Corporation has launched a series of research-grade wireless sensors for outdoor environmental monitoring. The HOBOnode sensors can transmit air temperature and soil moisture data 1,400 feet to a personal computer. The range can be extended to several miles with optional HOBOnode repeaters. Accompanying software displays real-time graphs of environmental conditions and can provide alarms via text messaging and e-mail when conditions exceed set thresholds. Up to 50 sensors can be used in a network.

The sensors work from solar-rechargeable batteries that last for years.

For information, check the company’s Web site at www.onsetcomp.com, e-mail sales@onsetcomp.com, or phone (800) 564-4377.

New Lorsban formulation

Dow AgroSciences has received a federal registration from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for a new low-odor, water-based formulation of Lorsban (chlorpyrifos), which replaces Lorsban-4E.

The new Lorsban Advanced formulation can be tank mixed with miticides, fungicides, nonpressure fertilizer solutions, and other insecticides.

Certis sells bionematicide

The biopesticide company Certis USA has been granted the marketing and distribution rights to sell the MeloCon bionematicide in the United States by the manufacturer, Prophyta GmbH, Germany. MeloCon contains spores of the fungus Peacilomyces lilacinus and is designed to control a number of nematode species, including root-knot nematodes.

Certis USA is a manufacturer of biopesticides whose products include neem-based biocontrols, insecticidal viruses, and Bacillus thuringiensis insecticides. The soil-applied microbial fungicide Soil Guard contains Gliocladium virens GL-21 and is designed to control root rot diseases, including pythium, rhizoctonia, and fusarium.

SoilStik pH meter

Spectrum Technologies of Plainfield, Illinois, has introduced the FieldScout SoilStik pH meter that works by touching the sensor electrode directly onto a moist soil sample. The waterproof, hand-held meter can also ­measure the pH of irrigation water and pesticide spray ­solutions.

For information, check the company Web site at www.spemeters.com, or call (800) 248-8873.

Water level sensor

The Bubbler water level sensor from Automata, Inc., of Nevada City, California, provides a way to measure the water level in a well without needing to immerse instruments into the water. Only the tubing is submerged. A controlled, low rate of air flow is allowed to flow through the small-diameter tubing. The end of the tubing is placed at a known depth below the water surface. The pressure required to force bubbles out of the end of the tube indicates the hydrostatic head of water above the end of the tube.

For information, check the Web site at www.automata-inc.com, or call (800) 994-0380.

Vineyard cover crop

Aurora Gold Hard Fescue is a perennial grass cover for vineyards from Rose Agri-Seed, Inc., of Canby, ­Oregon.

The noncreeping fescue cover crop, which was developed using natural plant-breeding techniques, is designed to help control weeds, soil erosion, dust, and mites. It is tolerant of low rates of glyphosate, which, when applied at low rates, can control weeds, weedy grasses, and invasive species without damaging the cover crop. Because it is shallow rooted, it will not aggressively compete with vines for water and nutrients. It is low growing, requires little mowing, and is tolerant of drought and shade.

For more information, contact Rose Agri-Seed at (503) 651-2130.