NAA Available in Liquid Form

Fruitone (napthalene acetic acid), a plant growth regulator designed to thin fruit, enhance return bloom, and control preharvest drop in apples and pears, is now available in a liquid formulation.

The concentration of the active ingredient in the liquid formulation will be the same as is available in the powder formulation. The new formulation allows greater flexibility with regard to timing and rates, according to information from the manufacturer, Amvac Chemical Corporation.

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Hand Tools for Grapes

Lightweight, hand tools from the United Kingdom that were designed for handling grapes and grape pomace are now available in the United States from Union Jack Stable and Garden of Kentucky. The Unifork, Unirake, and one-piece Hygiene Shovel are tough and easy to clean, made of polypropylene, which is virtually unbreakable and immune to rust or rot, according to Union Jack. The tools are approved under U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations for direct food contact. The Unifork and Unirake have tapered and star-profiled tines, and the plastic tines won’t scratch or damage stainless steel tanks.

For information, call (800) 672-8119 or visit

Tractor of the Year

The Landini Rex 85 S, a tractor designed to operate in narrow orchard rows, received the 2008 Tractor of the Year Award in the "best of specialized" category at the Agritechnica Trade Fair in Hanover, Germany. The panel of judges—machinery specialists from 17 European countries—selected the Rex for its engine performance, innovative four-wheel hydrostatic brakes, electro-hydraulically engaged four-wheel drive, easy-to-use transmission, and maneuverability, according to a press release from Landini.