Inaugural article in "Good Health" series earns praise.


¡Bien Hecho!

DearGood Fruit Grower:

I work for the Rural Community Development Resources Center for Latino Farmers in Yakima, Washington. Two of our main goals are to inform and educate our clients, of whom 95 percent would rather have information delivered in Spanish due to the fact that most of them come from poor rural areas from Mexico.

We are subscribed to your magazine, and we read all the articles that come in it. I am sending this e-mail regarding the article "Skin cancers/Canceres en la piel" that came out in the July 2008

[Vol. 59, No. 12] issue of your magazine and was written by Helen Murphy, of the Pacific Northwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center.

It is a great article, and it makes it even better with the illustrations. But what I personally think made it even better was the fact that someone took the time to decide to have this article translated to Spanish. A big high five for that one. Keep up the good work. Our clients will not miss this article—that is for sure!

Eliel Cruz
Center for Latino Farmers
Yakima, Washington

Six-year-old Daniel Meyer, who is always on the go, perched in one of his grandparents’ pear trees last winter—just long enough for them to snap a photo.


Up, Up, and Away

Dear Good Fruit Grower:

Enclosed, please find a photo that my husband, James, thinks would make a great winter cover for your magazine. You probably only use professional photos, but I promised him I would send it.

The picture was taken Christmas 2007. While the other grandchildren were sledding, our 6-year-old grandson Daniel decided he preferred climbing in one of Grandpa’s pear trees. We loved the picture, and it will always be one of our favorites.

Vada Stewart
Cashmere, Washington