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194.4 million bushels of apples were reported in storage as of Nov. 1, an increase of 8 percent over last year and 15 percent above the five-year average, according to a report from the USApple Association released Thursday.

Fresh apple holdings totaled 143.3 million bushels, a 6-percent increase from 2016, while processing holdings were reported at 51.1 million bushels, a 12-percent increase over 2016.

Washington state led the way with 160.1 million bushels of total holdings, a 10-percent increase from 2016. The state had 125.6 million bushels of fresh apples in storage. New York had the next largest holdings with 11.5 million bushels.

Red Delicious is the most common variety with 39.7 million bushels in storage this year. Gala (34.8 million bushels), Granny Smith (20.2 million bushels), Fuji (19.3 million bushels) and Honeycrisp (16.2 million bushels) round out the top five varieties.

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