Out of the Orchard


Lower Worldwide Pear Supplies Expected

Recent news from the World Apple and Pear Association (WAPA) show a 19% projected decline in pear production in the European Union (E.U.), making this year’s crop potentially the lowest in a decade. Closer to home, the Pacific Northwest pear crop is projected to see an 11% decrease. Factoring [...]

Retail Executives Enjoy a Taste of Peach Harvest

PHOTO: Jill and Peter Douglas show retail guests some freshly harvested peaches and nectarines.
As harvest of the region’s 13-million-plus-box cherry crop begins to wind down, peach and nectarine growers are just starting to pick up steam in their campaign to pick a soft fruit crop that will run [...]

Powered by Cherries, the Chicago Marathon

This year’s tart cherry marketing plan will kick off in October at the 2011 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. We’re excited to showcase cherries and the “Powered by Red” benefits to more than 125,000 athletes and fitness enthusiasts—and in the third-largest media market in the nation—with the help of [...]

Going To Market

New York will have a nice, marketable crop of apples this year. We escaped serious freeze injury this spring, and when you look at the bloom dates this year, one could easily say, we are lucky to have apples on the tree at all.

Scattered low temperature did reduce the [...]

Consumer Outreach

Reaching consumers with information about pears is an important way to raise awareness and usage. One of the best ways to reach our target consumer in the United States today continues to be through magazine articles. When a publication carries an article about pears it acts as a third [...]

The Good/Bad/Ugly of New York

Greetings from New York State. I have been AWOL for a while, caught up in local issues that continue to be troublesome. For those who know me, you will realize that I am New York through and though, but these days, New York Blue seems to fit better.

We continue [...]

Spreading the Word

When cherry harvest in full swing, so should be the orchard tours. This year is no exception, with the National Cherry Festival as this year’s back drop. The timing was perfect for this year’s “Blogger Tour”. Social Media is hot and technology has created new opportunities to tell the [...]

Earliest Harvest on Record

The sweet and tart cherry harvest started two weeks ahead of normal and three weeks ahead of last year in Michigan. The harvest in Southwest Michigan is now complete with West Central and Northwest at the half-way mark. Last week’s report from the Cherry Industry Administrative Board indicated that [...]

Shake It

The tart cherry harvest is in full swing across the State of Michigan. Harvest started in Southwest Michigan on June 24th, which is a record early start. This year we are a good two weeks ahead of normal, with a lighter-than-normal crop. West Central and Northwest Michigan both came [...]

Finally, Cherry Growers Get Serious About Harvest

Mark Hanrahan
As we approach the last few days of shipping before the window for the 4th of July holiday closes; I find myself worrying that we are going to have a “relapse” to last year’s challenging cherry season. Certainly, volume is increasing daily, and I expect us to [...]