Good Fruit Grower’s 2015 special series by Associate Editor Richard Lehnert on the apples of Italy during the 2014 IFTA tour and Interpoma conference will continue in several issues this winter and spring.

February 15, 2015

Learning on the go: 2014 IFTA Italy

Dr. Terence Robinson finds a captive class on the bus. Read More »

Munckhof machine makes inroads: 2014 IFTA Italy

The harvest machine is widely used around the world but has only recently been sold in the United States. Read More »

February 1, 2015

Fruiting wall concept expands: 2014 IFTA Italy

Alberto Dorigoni is considering shorter trees grown somewhat like vines. Read More »

Concrete support: 2014 IFTA Italy

Across South Tyrol, growers use posts made of concrete, rather than wood. Read More »

Quality trees: 2014 IFTA Italy

Italian nursery GRIBA developed a quality grading scale, and prices trees accordingly. Read More »

Interpoma impressions: Photo gallery from 2014 IFTA Italy

Pictures from the international apple machinery show in Italy. Read More »


January 15, 2015

Packing apples in Italy

Presizing and presorting apples into storage changes the way apples are packed in Italy. Read More »


January 1, 2015

Italy's growing heritage: 2014 IFTA Italy

Cooperation among small growers helps them compete and thrive. Read More »

Orchards are well equipped: 2014 IFTA Italy

Large and small growers share their techniques in the South Tyrol. Read More »


Building a LINSA: 2014 IFTA Italy

Italian growers forge a cooperative network for learning, innovation, and sustainable farming. Read More »