A Blog about a Blog

Today I am blogging about another blog called the Pear Dish which lives on the Pear Bureau’s website www.usapears.org. The Pear Dish bloggers include two Pear Bureau employees from pear headquarters as well as a registered dietitian. The topics are varied but always engaging and pear centric.  For the past several weeks, one of our bloggers, Brittany, has been documenting our public relations and sampling tour called the “Time is Ripe for Pears Tour.” With stops from Miami to Boston and Chicago to Seattle, the tour combines a consumer sampling event with a PR event in each city.

On the PR side, a top chef from each city on the tour prepares a wonderful meal with each dish featuring pears. Invited guests include newspaper and magazine writers and, yes, food bloggers.

The consumer sampling events are held at high-traffic retailers and other locations. At these events, the pear team is promoting a consumer contest where people can win a trip to one of the restaurants from one of the stops along the way. (Be sure to tell your friends about the contest.)

In her blog, Brittany has included videos of the consumer events, including consumer reactions to some perfectly ripe pears. It has been a great tour, and we are educating numerous consumers about the versatility of pears, as well as how to ripen them to perfection. I hope you will check out the Pear Dish blog at http://blog.usapears.org/  and all of the other great recipes and information on the world’s largest website dedicated to pears, usapears.org.

All pears all the time,