As part of a new national cherry campaign funded by a national tart cherry initiative approved by growers last winter, the Cherry Marketing Institute hired Chicago-based Weber Shandwick to lead promotion efforts. Weber Shandwick, who developed the milk industry’s moustache campaign, will use the phrase “Cherries—not just another berry” to increase consumer awareness of the health attributes of cherries and increase demand.

The national campaign, slated to spend $1.2 million of new initiative money, will be launched in early February with the release of a new and updated cherry report prepared for health and food editors containing a compilation of scientific data on the health benefits of cherries. A different health focus is planned for each month of the campaign. For example, the fruit’s anti-inflammatory benefits will be touted in May to coincide with National Arthritis Month.

The initiative also provides $400,000 for research, which will be dedicated to health-related research.

A new Web site has been developed to support promotion efforts: