WILSON IS THE LEADER in custom bird netting programs for all types of crops. Full line of bangers and bird ­irritant items. Call 509-453-9983. 53423

Stop bird damage. The American kestrel falcon is now looking for a home. Owl boxes and bat boxes also available. Call Ben at 509-910-6598.    53456


BLUEBERRY NURSERY STOCK. Our focus is customer success. Best variety selection. Plants available now. Impeccable service and grower support. Fall Creek Nursery, www.fallcreeknursery .com, 800-538-3001.    53424


LOCAL AUDITORS providing certification against most standards. GlobalGAP, SQF, TNC and more.   www.ncsi    53425


FOR SALE: Rack & Cloth Cider Press, Complete working order, was used in 2009 with all intentions of use in 2010 season. 28” rack produces 200 gallons per hour. Comes with grinder and sanifeed system, 100 gal. stainless steel tank, stainless steel screen, ten  plastic racks, 22 cloths, 2300 lb. Psi press, two press carts, and one sanifeed rebuilt electric replacement motor. Will sacrifice for $19,750. (937) 533-7508.     53382


TECHNICAL TROUBLESHOOTING and consulting on apple/pear cherry/ grapes specializing in plant physiology, soil nutrition, plant nutrition, path­ol­ogy/diseases, automated drip/ micro irrigation, orchard renovation, grafting, nursery stock production, logistical planning, technical training, and project assessment/management. Domestic and international. Proven results since 1972. VisionLogic/Greg Benner: Yakima, Washington. 509- 833-3486. E-mail: Web site:    53465


GALLTROL: THE MOST effective prevention of crown gall disease for 30 years! Unlike other crown gall control products that are made overseas and months prior, GALLTROL is produced DAILY in our California laboratory. Each plate of GALLTROL contains over 120 billion freshly-grown, vigorous bacterial cells that aggressively colonize wounds to block infection. For GALLTROL, call 530-586-1561; or e-mail: steve    52088

CROWN GALL CONTROL. Easier to handle, prepare, and apply.­ In­creased shelf life and temperature tolerance. Re­duced risk of biocontrol break­down. Avail­able from New Bio­Products, Inc., at 541-752-2045; www.newbioproducts .com.    51741


DUCKWALL-POOLEY FRUIT Company is accepting resumes for an experienced produce sales professional.  Primary focus is on support for and relations with new and existing customers.  Essential requirements will include produce sales, pricing, market forecasting, inventory management, etc.  Candidates must have a Business degree and 3-5 years related experience in the produce industry, be proficient in MS Office, demonstrate good organizational skills, be detail oriented, possess strong verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills, self motivated and the ability to work as a team player with all functional departments.  (Exp. and skills may substitute for degree.) Salary depends on experience. Duckwall Fruit Company offers a competitive benefit package. Please send to Kathy Nishimoto knishim@duckwallpooley .com or Attn.: Kathy Nishimoto, Duckwall Fruit Co. PO Box 150 Odell, OR 97044.    53458

LARGE FRUIT COMPANY currently looking for individual interested in long-term career opportunity in orchard management.  Agricultural background preferable, must be highly organized with good communication skills.  Please fax resume to 509-547-0134.    53460


FIND EQUIPMENT for your farming operation at Wilson’s. www.farmitagain .com. Used equipment, buy/sell.     53426

ORCHARD SPRAYER and tower. Munckhof, 240 gallon, very good. Howard Rotovator H16 (aka 400 SM), 6 ft., PTO, 3 pt. 360-421-2660.    53457


ALUMINUM ORCHARD LADDER re­pair: We repair all brands of alumi­num ladders. Tallman factory author­­ized. Call for drop off locations or pick-up. 509-884-1750 or 509-669-2822.    53427


STAN PETERSON FRUIT Tree Sales, representing the nation’s premier fruit tree nurseries to serve you, the grower, with the best. The newest apple varieties, sweet and tart cherries, peaches and more. 888-333-1464, stan@fruit    53428

WE WANT YOUR PROBLEMS! Do your trees or plants struggle? Is filling your bearing surface difficult? Are your plantings falling to disease? Are your crop yields low? Give the easy stuff to others…VisionLogic wants your problems. Call Greg Benner today! Doing the impossible to make things grow for over 37 years. 509-833-3486. gregb@,    53466


SALVADOR ZARAGOSA professional grafting, chip budding, and budding bench grafting. We guarantee 95% take. Mobile, 509-961-2986.    53430

PROFESSIONAL GRAFTING and ser­vice. Small and large acreage. 17 years’ experience. Jose Mendez, 509-584-0034 or (mobile) 509-949-1321.    53429

COATES GRAFTING COMPANY, specializing in top working cherries. Over 35 years experience. Ken Coates, 509-662-1882; 509-668-0262 (mobile).53431

GRAFTING AND BUDDING supplies. Two types graft machines, waxes, budding rubbers. Top of the line grafting knives, on-line, 509-453-9983.    53432

FULL SERVICE FIELD grafting including chainsawing. Over 25 years’ experience with practically same crew for over 15 years. Gary McMonagle Grafting. 509-669-1686.    51611


GOT RAINIERS? Custom Rainier cherry packing, storage, and hydro-cooling available. No need to fall be­hind in packing schedule. You provide fruit and sales.            53459

WE WANT YOUR PROBLEMS! Do your trees or plants struggle? Is filling your bearing surface difficult? Are your plantings falling to disease? Are your crop yields low? Give the easy stuff to others…VisionLogic wants your problems. Call Greg Benner today! Doing the impossible to make things grow for over 37 years. 509-833-3486. gregb@,    53468


O-G OR ONETO Gotelli Cherry Sizer & Cluster Cutter, 7 lanes or smaller. Call Pat (209) 608-6000.    53255


Fish screens: Compliant self-cleaning intake screens, many sizes available. Custom Technology, 800-333-5246,    52873


CERTIFIED ORGANIC SOUR cherry orchard for sale in SW Saskatchewan, Canada. Log on to, go to Sas­katch­ewan, and then to Swift Current. Enter number 180665246. House, shop, handling facility and equipment on 44 acres, turnkey operation. Call Cam at 306-587-7710. REDUCED.    53463


LEASING FARMS. DEDICATED and experienced farmer interested in leasing apple, cherry, and pear farms in eastern Washington. Call 509-480-2196.    52628


WILSON IS YOUR SOURCE for all types of fabric and plastics used in farming. Shade, wind screens, greenhouse films, and mulches. 509-453-9983.    53434

WILSON’S HIGH SPANISH STYLE green­­house tunnels. Early and in­­­creased production and crop protection. 800-232-1174.    53433


AUTOLINE SIZER WITH mapping color sorter. 5-lane, 43 drops, brush let downs. $80,000. Additional equipment available. 509-421-0931.    53013

2 LANE PRO-SORT STONE fruit sizer, 10 drops, return belt with overflow outlet. Tray-fill delivery system, sorting table, packing tables, and optical sizer with programmable software. Was originally used for peaches but has proven itself for the past three apricot seasons. Asking price $8,500. Call 509-787-4644, Frank or Vince.     53472

FOR SALE: NEST/STACK Ropak Harvesting Lugs. Herb Barber & Sons, (800) 388-5384 or (716) 326-4692, e-mail:, www Used lugs available.    52860

COMPLETE CHERRY PACKING line from start to finish, includes bin dumper, sorting tables, 12-lane Van Doran row sizer, Van Doran cluster cutters, volume fillers, bag molds, light fixtures, and hydrocooler. This is a complete line that is sold as is, or can be leased out to someone who wants to run it at the existing location. $180,000. Call Joe 209-712-1212.    53462

COLOR SORTER 4-LANE, 24 drops, set up for trays, bags, volume fill. Sorting table, dryer, brushes, flow-thru dump, etc. Low hours. AWETA. 530-622-2640, John.     53435

PRESIZE LINE, two 8-lane Autoline sizers with 30 drops and stainless flumes, Aweta color sorters with recent software updates, six Van Doren second generation bin fillers recently updated. Includes all pumps, sorting tables, control panels, catwalk, dumptank, bin carriage system.  Also 18 – 5’ packing tables with direct drive motors.  Sold complete or separate call Scott 509-421-5341.    53481


NEED TO PURCHASE used fresh sweet cherry packing line. E-mail:


TRECO® ROOTSTOCKS mean quality. Buy from the industry leader. TRECO has supplied 60 percent of the nation’s malus rootstock needs to the nurseries for more than 65 years. Go directly to the source and buy the root­­­­stocks trusted and preferred by the major nurseries: TRECO; PO Box 98, Wood­burn, OR 97071. Ph: 1-800-871-5141; fax: 503-634-2344; e-mail: rootstocks@ or Web site:            51559

FIRDALE NURSERY, certified apple rootstocks: EMLA 7, EMLA 26, EMLA 106, EMLA 111, M 9 (337) and BUD 9. Beaverton, Oregon. 503-628-2755.    51662

CARLTON PLANTS, LLC is a quality grower of virus-certified rootstocks and seedlings for fruit, flowering, and shade trees. Apple: M9-NIC, M26, M7, M25, MM106, MM111, domestic. Cherry: Mazzard, Mahaleb. Pear: cal­leryana, communis. Plum: M29C, St. Julian. For questions or to place an order, please call our sales department, 800-398-8733 or fax 800-442-1452.51856

COPENHAVEN FARMS NURSERY. “We’re at the Root of The Business.” Quality Oregon-grown rootstock and seedlings for fruit, flowering, and shade trees. Specializing in virus-free apple, cherry, plum, and pear rootstock since 1982. Christopher and Marilyn Dolby 503-985-7161; Fax: 503-985-7876. E-mail:,    51368


TRIDENT AGRICULTURAL Products, Inc. Specializing in soil fumigation for orchards, vineyards, nurseries, and other crops. Hood River or The Dalles, 971-563-8848; Yakima and Columbia Basin, 509-728-2004; Wenatchee and Northwest Washington, 360-630-4285.        53437

CUSTOM ORCHARD FUMIGATION. Replant­ing? Call now to schedule your 2010 applications. 509-687-9572, Manson, Washington.    53436


QUALITY PAYS—PRINCETON Wood Pre­servers pressure-treated posts, poles. Quoted by truckload. #10-477 Martin St., Penticton, B.C. V2A 5L2. Plant phone: 250-492-9190, fax: 250-492-9175, toll free, 877-797-7678. ­­­E-mail:; Web: www     53439

POSTS, POLES, AND STAKES: Pres­sure treated in the USA. Vari­ous sizes and lengths. Untreated available for organic growers. Jasper En­ter­prises, Inc.; PO Box 102; Chat­taroy, WA 99003; phone 800-238-6540; or ­e-mail sales@    53440

Panhandle FOREST PRODUCTS: Quality posts, poles, and stakes. CCA pressure-treated, with delivery. Par­ti­al loads. 888-289-7678; www.panhandle .com.    52077

STEEL APPLE and grape trellis. Custom systems available. Bamboo, treated wood, top of the line quality and service. On-line catalog. Wilson Vine­yard and Orchard Supply, Yakima, Washington. 509-453-9983, www.wil    53438


FANTASTIC PRICING! Cedar spreaders, last and last! Steel point and notched – 4” to 6”. U-make programs. Cedarbrook Lumber, 800-634-6334.             51917

TREE SPREADERS: Lowest possible prices 4″ to 48″ steel points. Notched spreaders (order only). We ship nationwide. MC and Visa accepted. Yakima Specialties, Inc.; 1819 West “J” Street; Yakima, WA 98902. 509-453-0386 or 800-466-0387.    53441

BEST PRICING: notched and nailed. Wilson, 509-453-9983.    53442


TREE TRAINING and trellis supplies on-line at    53443

WE WANT YOUR PROBLEMS! Do your trees or plants struggle? Is filling your bearing surface difficult? Are your plantings falling to disease? Are your crop yields low? Give the easy stuff to others…VisionLogic wants your problems. Call Greg Benner today! Doing the impossible to make things grow for over 37 years. 509-833-3486.,    53469


FENCING, 25 years’ experience. Or­chard and vineyard post pounding. AMS Fence, 1-800-676-9362.    53444


CHINOOK WIND MACHINES, sales/ service. All makes, new/used. H.F. Hauff Company, Inc., 509-248-0318.            51576

CASCADE WIND MACHINE Service, distributor of Orchard-Rite® wind machines. PO Box 9308; Yakima, WA 98909, phone 509-457-9196; Wenat­chee, WA 509-662-2753; British Colum­­bia, 604-495-7873.    53445

WIND MACHINE SALES: sales/ser­vice, new and used wind machines. 509-877-2138.                                      51645­­