CMI Orchards LLC announced in a news release a new strategic partnership with Yakima Fruit and Cold Storage Co. 

“With this partnership comes tremendous opportunity to increase our daily shipping capacity with the expansion of packing facilities and high-density acreage,” said Bob Mast, president of CMI, in the release. “This added volume will enable significant growth for both companies and provides a robust portfolio to carry CMI and Yakima Fruit into the future.” 

According to the release, the partnership has immediately added core varieties to CMI’s selling power, including Honeycrisp, Granny Smith, Cosmic Crisp, Red Delicious, Pink Lady, Gala, Fuji and Golden Delicious apples.

The partnership also brings an opportunity to create a strategy for future plantings with available unplanted acreage to best meet the needs of CMI’s retailer and consumer preferences for both apples and cherries.

“CMI has proven time and time again they are innovation leaders, paving the way with many of the top-selling branded apple varieties in the U.S.A,” said Mike Wilcox, president of Yakima Fruit, in the release. “Having a strong core manifest is equally important, which is the value that Yakima Fruit adds to this partnership, as you have to be able to take care of customers’ everyday needs as well as bring something new and exciting to the table to keep apples exciting.” 

Based in Wenatchee, Washington, CMI Orchards is the sales and marketing arm of McDougall and Sons, Columbia Fruit Packers, Double Diamond Fruit Co., Highland Fruit Co. and Pine Canyon Growers.

—by Jonelle Mejica