A new apple that doesn’t turn brown when cut and exposed to air has Enchanted was developed in Manjimup, Western Australia, by the state’s Department of ­Agriculture and Food in conjunction with Horticulture Australia Limited.

Like Cripps Pink, which was also developed in Western Australia, the new variety is a cross of Lady Williams and Golden Delicious. It was developed using conventional breeding techniques. It has a stronger pink color than Cripps Pink, but a lighter flavor, Chance said. It matures earlier than Cripps Pink, usually in late April in Western Australia.

Agriculture and Food Minister Kim Chance said in a media statement that the new variety is considered a breakthrough and will create opportunities to develop new value-added products using fewer preservatives.

Because of its resistance to oxidation, the variety’s pure white flash stays white even after several hours of exposure to air. It is likely to be popular as a fresh sliced apple and for fresh juices.

Enchanted is licensed to Perfection Fresh Australia Pty. Ltd. and is protected under the Australian Plant Breeders’ Rights Act, so that it can be managed in a way that creates maximum returns to the ­Australian fruit industry, Chance said. "The end goal is to achieve maximum benefits from new apple varieties for the Australian industry."

Enchanted trees are available for orchardists to buy this year. The variety will be available only in Western Australia at first, then throughout Australia. Eventually, it should be available internationally.

Lynnell Brandt, president of Brandt’s Fruit Trees, Inc., Yakima, Washington, which is the exclusive U.S. licensee for Cripps Pink, said he did not know yet what arrangements were being made for the licensing of the new variety’s plant rights outside Australia.