The Washington State Fruit Commission is asking the Washington State Department of Agriculture to reappoint five board members whose terms expire in May: Tate Mathison and Mike Wade from the northern district and Mark Roy, Mark Zirkle and Peter Verbrugge from the southern district. The commission is required to submit two nominations for the Agriculture Director to consider for each position. Alternates nominated are: Mike Taylor and Danny Gebbers for the northern positions and Rick Derrey, Eric Monson and Robert Kershaw for the southern positions.

Mike Wade has been reappointed as the Washington State Fruit Commission’s representative on the Northwest Horticultural Council’s board of trustees for the coming year. Gip Redman has been reappointed as the commission’s representative on Hort Council’s Science Advisory Committee for a two-year term.

Rob Lynch was reappointed to represent the Fruit Commission on the board of the Washington State Tree Fruit Research Commission, serving a three-year term.