The online Northwest Grape Cost of Production Calculators, developed for wineries and vineyards, were recently updated to reflect today’s values.

The cost calculators, designed specifically for Pacific Northwest planting, growing, and winemaking conditions, were developed to make planting and winery decisions easier. The vineyard calculators can be used for conventional and organically grown grapes, are specific to variety, and are designed for new and existing growers. By estimating the cost per acre of planting, growers can compare the costs of different spacing, varieties, and other cultural factors.

Using the winery calculator, owners can compare different scenarios (production levels and price points) to see where the most profitable products may be.

Until the recent revision, the calculators were based on 2006 values. The online program was funded through grants of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Risk Management Agency and the Washington Wine Industry Foundation.

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