The Honey Bee Health Coalition announced the release of Spanish-language versions of two varroa mite management guides. According to a news release, the guides help beekeepers deploy effective varroa mite controls that reduce colony losses and avoid potential spread of infectious disease among honey bee colonies.

Both guides are offered free of charge at the Honey Bee Health Coalition website ( 

“Tools for Varroa Management” was updated in 2022 and provides information on the latest testing and treatment options for beekeepers in the U.S. and Canada. For the Spanish-language version, go to:

“Guide to Varroa Mite Controls for Commercial Beekeeping Operations” addresses the risks of resistance created by off-label chemical treatments of varroa mites — in particular, widespread mite resistance to amitraz. The guide aims to help commercial beekeepers evaluate a variety of varroa mite control methods that can be integrated into a management plan to protect their bees and their business. For the Spanish-language version, go to:

by Jonelle Mejica