Washington growers will have an opportunity this year to learn more about how to produce, harvest, and store the Honeycrisp apple.

Washington State University, the Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission, and the Washington State Horticultural Association are offering a Fruit School that will follow the variety through production, harvest, and storage.

Three events will be offered: a summer field day in June in three locations; a preharvest field day in September at the same three locations; and a full-day postharvest meeting in December immediately after the Hort Association’s annual convention in Wenatchee.

The summer field days will be held on June 11 at Royal City, June 13 in Yakima, and June 18 in Brewster.

The preharvest field days will be on September 10 in Royal City, September 12 in Yakima, and September 17 in Brewster.

For information, contact Joanne Thomas at the Hort Association.