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Hortau, a provider of precision irrigation management systems, is expanding its full line of products and services to the Pacific Northwest.

Aaron Voelker, left, and Verlyn Burgers

Aaron Voelker, left, and Verlyn Burgers

Hortau’s smart irrigation management platform reports to growers how crops are faring in real time, before stresses such as drought or lack of aeration can have a negative impact on the crop.

This proprietary, plant-centric approach measures plant stress using soil tension, ensuring optimal crop growth, and reducing water and energy consumption, as well as environmental impacts such as leaching.

Hortau’s Pacific Northwest regional sales and grower support efforts will be managed by Aaron Voelker and Verlyn Burgers. For more information, visit Voelker can be reached at (509) 571-028. Burgers can be reached at (509) 571-0186.