Two new partners have joined an international consortium that was formed to launch and commercialize new red-fleshed apple varieties.

With the addition of Red Apple Germany and Johnny Appleseed of New Zealand, the IFORED consortium now has 14 members in five continents who together market more than three million tons of apples annually and have more than 140,000 acres of apples.

Red Apple Germany is a subsidiary of DOSK, a research consortium owned by the nine largest German fruit cooperatives. Johnny Appleseed is a fifth-generation grower, packer, and marketer that sells fruit under the Yummy brand.

IFORED was formed two years ago. Its members are evaluating a range of 24 red-fleshed selections, with diverse skin colors, developed through natural breeding techniques by the French company IFO. The most advanced selections have been planted in pilot orchards in Europe and the first “precommercial” orchards will be planted in 2015, according to IFORED.

Other IFORED members include: Next Big Thing, United States and Canada; Mono Azul, Argentina; Unifrutti, Chile; Dutoit, South Africa; AMG and Blue Whale, France: Empire World Trade and Worldwide Fruit, United Kingdom; Fenaco, Switzerland; NovaMela, Italy; and Nufri, Spain.