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Chloe Underwood likes her apples whole.

Chloe Underwood likes her apples whole.

Apple cruncher

Dear Good Fruit Grower:

Chloe is the daughter of my daughter, Andrea, and her husband, Kyle Underwood. Their little family of three is currently living with me and my wife, Kathy. This is a true story about Chloe. Every year during apple harvest, we place a bin of apples outside the front door to our home. We noticed one day last year that little two-year-old Chloe was eating a full-sized apple; she had evidently gotten it from the bin! We were all flabbergasted as she proceeded to eat the whole apple. From that day forward she prefers her apples whole and loves them. Our daughter, Andrea, was, of course, raised on the farm and, being a true country girl, hopes to always live near it. This is Chloe’s second year in apple crunching.

Don Lewis
Prosser, Washington