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An apple for people on the go. Courtesy of Kiku.

An apple for people on the go.
Courtesy of Kiku.

More than 30 people from seven European countries were in Bolzano in Italy’s South Tyrol region yesterday (September 4) to view and discuss the new apple variety Isaaq.
The variety (cultivar CIV323) was developed by Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti (a consortium of Italian nurseries) and is being commercialized by Kiku Variety Management.

Kiku’s chief executive officer Jürgen Braun describes the apple as eyecatching with an attractive red overcolor. The tree is productive and scab resistant, and the fruit has good storability. The fruit is smaller than Gala, which is why it is being promoted as a snack for people on the go.

Several marketers attended the event, including partners Kröpfl of Austria and a new South Tyrolean cooperative called Bio Meran, which produces biodynamic apples.

For more information, check the Isaaq Web site.