Information on the latest Michigan inventory of fruit trees continues to be released, with results now having been compiled for pears, plums, and nectarines.

There were pears on 170 farms at the end of 2011, plums on 150 farms, and nectarines on 65 farms.

There were 730 acres of pears, down 70 acres from 2006, when the last inventory was done. In those years, only 70 new acres of pears were planted. The number of farms with pears declined from 210 to 170. Bartlett accounted for 83 percent of the acreage.

There were 600 acres of plums, down 150 acres from 2006, and 70 new acres were planted. The Stanley variety accounted for 52 percent.

There were 80 acres of nectarines, and 18 of them were newly planted, with Fantasia, the most common variety, accounting for 41 percent of the acres. There was no number from 2006 for comparison.

The figures were compiled by the Michigan office of the National Agricultural Statistics Service.

Results from the survey released earlier show Michigan with 825 farms containing 36,500 acres of apples, 600 farms containing 20,900 acres of blueberries, 400 farms containing 7,200 acres of sweet cherries, 450 farms containing 32,000 acres of tart cherries, 455 farms containing 15,000 acres of grapes (12,510 of them juice grapes), and 360 farms containing 4,000 acres of peaches.