Expect a variety shakeout

How to manage young Honeycrisp

Crop load management is critical for return bloom and good tree growth. Read More »

Ambrosia restrictions to end

By 2019, Ambrosia will be an open variety in both the United States and Canada. But it won’t do well in all locations, growers are warned. Read More »

Reds still dominate apple exports

Club varieties are too expensive when freight and duties are added. Read More »

A direct link to consumers

Apple varieties from A to Z

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New apple varieties excite consumers

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Will Honeycrisp become a victim of its popularity?

Will Honeycrisp become a victim of its popularity? Read More »

Who's going to sell all these apples?

And who's going to buy them? Read More »


Clubs exclude many growers

Varieties are managed to create a controlled scarcity of product. Read More »

How many apple varieties are too many?

The proliferation of new varieties is producer driven, not a result of pent-up consumer demand. Read More »

Corr: Consumers decide