Apple growers in New York and Michigan, the second and third largest producing states, have voted to continue marketing orders to promote and advertise their states’ apples and apple products.

The votes were separate but occurred in about the same March time frame.

The New York marketing order was first created in 1959. By law, it must be reapproved every eight years. The money collected from growers provides about $2.2 million each year to fund the work of the New York Apple Association—promoting and advertising New York apples, conducting market research, and providing information to growers.

Michigan apple producers voted to continue the Michigan Apple Advertising and Promotion Program. Begun in 1939, it is designed to improve the economic position of Michigan apple growers by developing advertising, promotion, and publicity programs to create new markets for apples and apple products and to carry on market development and research.  The program must be renewed every five years.

In a good crop year, the Michigan program collects about $2 million.