Prevar has assigned exclusive rights for a new apple variety bred in New Zealand to a ­company called T193 Limited.

The bicolored apple is a cross of Royal Gala and Braeburn developed by Hort­Research (now the New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research), which bred Jazz and the Pacific series of apples.

The new apple, known as PremA193, does not yet have a trademarked name. T193 holds exclusive local market and export rights for the new variety, which is under trial throughout the world and will be in commercial production in New Zealand within the next two to three years. T193 is made up of four New Zealand fruit companies: Fresh New Zealand, Ltd., Heartland Group, Ltd., Johnny Appleseed Holdings, Ltd., and the PickMee Fruit ­Company, Ltd.

Company chair Rex Graham said in a press release that he believes the variety has significant potential, particularly for Asian markets. It has a mild, sweet ­flavor and a crunchy texture.