The tasting room for Jones of Washington wines has no Mediterranean architecture, marble floor, or exquisite wood for the tasting bar, nor expansive windows to showcase views of the vineyard. The focus at Jones of Washington is about the grapes and wines, not the sophisticated, fancy trappings that often get entwined with sampling wine.

And instead of being located on winery row, nestled next to other wineries, the Jones of Washington tasting room is located on “produce row,” tucked on the outside of a cold storage building sandwiched in a series of fruit and vegetable packing and processing facilities on the main highway heading west out of Quincy, Washington. Depending on the time of year, visitors may have to dodge apple or cherry bins being moved about the cold storage rooms.

If one hasn’t yet made the connection that Jones of Washington emphasizes the growing side of wine, just look at their wine bottle labels—an early model tractor, rooster, and sunshine. The agricultural theme is also found on their reserve and estate vineyard wines, though the label is etched on the bottle instead of printed paper.

Jones of Washington is a family-owned and -operated winery, producing in excess of 8,000 cases annually. Wines have won awards from major Northwest, California, and Dallas, Texas, wine competitions. The 2010 Pinot Gris was selected Best White Wine and Best Washington Wine overall at the Northwest Wine Summit in Hood River, Oregon. Two of the Jones of Washington wines—its Syrah and Riesling—were selected to be part of  industry educational sessions that focused on regional differences and winemaking styles of the two varieties.

The market reach of the wines is primarily concentrated in the Pacific ­Northwest.

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