1960s—Grape and wine research begins in Washington, led by Washington State University researchers Drs. Walter Clore and Chas Nagel.

1981—Legislation passed designating ¼ cent per liter from all wines sold in Washington to be used for wine and grape research.

1982—Wine Advisory Board established to oversee grape and wine research.

1983—Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers was founded.

1984—Washington Wine Institute was founded; 20 wineries were bonded in the state.

1987—The Washington Wine Commission was established. It collects assessments from grape growers
and wineries to support promotion –activities.

1995—State Legislature mandates that WSU create a line item for viticulture and enology research but doesn’t appropriate new money.

1998—Wine Advisory Board formalized as a subcommittee of the Washington Wine Commission.

2007—Grape growers and vintners approve referenda to increase assessment rates; a portion of the increase will supplement education and research funding.