In response to new soil fumigant label requirements, the Washington State Department of Agriculture has developed a new soil fumigation examination to address new risk mitigation measures implemented by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  The new category and exam, called Soil Fumigation RMM, will be available November 1.

Soil fumigant labels have gone through two rounds of EPA revisions in recent years. In 2010, Phase 1 label changes required applicator licensing, more stringent direct supervision requirements, fumigant management plans, and safety training for handlers. Phase 2 changes, expected on labels by December 2012, require that applicators complete EPA-approved active-ingredient specific training every three years through online modules followed by a competency exam.

Private applicators may take the new WSDA soil fumigation exam in lieu of the required EPA training, according to WSDA’s soil fumigation licensing fact sheet.The new exam replaces one used since 2002. A new soil fumigation study manual titled Soil Fumigation Manual: A National Pesticide Applicator Certification Study Manual EM055 is available at Washington State University Publications at Scheduled exam times and days can be found online at WSDA’s Web site.