Porfirio Covarrubias (center) of Orondo receives Stemilt's Rainier cherry award from Kyle Mathison (left) and West Mathison

Porfirio Covarrubias (center) of Orondo receives Stemilt’s Rainier cherry award from Kyle Mathison (left) and West Mathison

Stemilt Growers, Inc., based in Wenatchee, Washington, has announced its top growers for 2011. The following awards were given based on the quality of the fruit they produced, according to Jeff Heath, Stemilt’s director of field staff.
Fuji: Highway 28 Orchard, Quincy, owned by Lorraine Mathison, Bob Mathison and Douglas Fruit Company.
Gala: Jim Small, Entiat.
Golden Delicious: Ron and Bob Reeves of Reeves Brothers Orchard, Inc., East Wenatchee.
Granny Smith: Finest Kind Orchard, East Wenatchee, owned by Dave Piepel and Andy Gale of G&P Orchards.
Pink Lady: DNR Mattawa Orchard, leased by Stemilt and managed by Jamie Jamison.
Red Delicious: Bill and Laurie Wacker, Highlander Orchard, Wenatchee.
Organic Grower: Royal Flush Orchard near Royal City, owned by Dovex Fruit Company and managed by Darren Case.
Pear: Joe Grentz, Monitor.
Organic Pear: Jeff Bergh, Tonasket.
Rainier Cherry: Porfirio and Linda Covarrubias, Orondo.
Valley Bing: Pat Sullivan, Pasco.
Hill Cherry: Jim and Sherry McMullen of McMullen Orchard Properties LLC, Wenatchee.
Organic cherry: Craig and Mike O’Brien, C&M Orchard, Prosser.