The California Prune Board’s executive committee is estimating 75,000 short tons (68,000 metric tons) in volume for the 2022 prune crop. According to a news release, this estimate falls in line with the average high-quality crop California is known for.

“The oversupply from just a few years ago has morphed into a very tight market due to erratic global supply and weather-related challenges over the past couple of years,” Donn Zea, executive director for the California Prune Board, said in the release. “Medium-to-large prunes will be the primary domain of California this year.”

As consumption of healthy, shelf-stable foods continues to increase, demand for California prunes remains strong in markets around the world. According to the release, California prune growers and processors consistently produce premium fruit with a focus on size and flavor, delivering to 60 countries each year.

by Jonelle Mejica