0cce97715abe6eb7e2f116cd2d9f72f9.jpeWashington State University’s eagerly awaited new apple variety WA 38.

The Washington State University Research Foundation is seeking an exclusive licensee to manage the commercialization of the university’s new apple variety WA 38.

An article in the March 15 issue of the Good Fruit Grower might have given the impression that the licensee would be involved in sales and marketing of WA 38, but this is not the case.

The licensee’s responsibilities will include contracting tree propagation to nurseries and others, sublicensing the variety to growers, managing the trademark, and collecting royalties. WSU is not looking for the licensee to be involved in marketing the variety or in selecting its trade name.

For more details, download a copy of WSU’s Announcement of Opportunity or e-mfile://localhost/Users/hollinga222/Desktop/0cce97715abe6eb7e2f116cd2d9f72f9.jpe.jpegail Tom Kelly.