Washington state’s wine grape harvest set a record in 2016, according to the Washington State Wine Commission’s Annual Grape Production Report.

The report shows the 2016 harvest totaled 270,000 tons, an 18.9 percent increase over 2014, which was the previous high.

Red varieties accounted for 58 percent of the total harvest, with Cabernet Sauvignon accounting for the largest share at 71,000 tons.

Merlot was the second most harvested with 48,400 tons followed by Chardonnay (45,000 tons), and Riesling (41,300 tons).

Cabernet Sauvignon saw an increase of 23,700 tons over 2015.

Wine grape growers received an average of $1,157 per ton for all varieties, up $12 over 2015. Malbec grapes received the highest average price at $1,587 per ton.