Bill Bryant, left, and James Christie of Bryant Christie Inc.<b> (Courtesy photo)</b>

Bill Bryant, left, and James Christie of Bryant Christie Inc. (Courtesy photo)

Bryant Christie Inc., a company that helps agricultural, food and beverage producers open and expand foreign markets, celebrated its 25th anniversary on July 1.

The company was founded in 1992 as W.L. Bryant Co. by Bill Bryant, who was previously a vice president of the Northwest Horticultural Council in Yakima, Washington. Within a year, James Christie, who had been the president of the California Cherry Export Association, joined Bryant in Seattle.

In 1996, Christie was named the company’s managing director and the company’s name was changed to Bryant Christie Inc. In 2002, Christie became the company president and the firm opened an office in Sacramento, California.

In 2016, Bryant ran for governor of Washington state as a Republican against Democrat Jay Inslee.

Bryant announced that in mid-July BCI will launch BCGlobal, a single portal into global regulations affecting food, beverage and agricultural products. The portal will provide exporters with a one-stop, online regulatory resource that will help ensure compliance with import requirements. It will also help broaden BCI’s footprint in the field of regulatory intelligence.