The sweet and tart cherry harvest started two weeks ahead of normal and three weeks ahead of last year in Michigan. The harvest in Southwest Michigan is now complete with West Central and Northwest at the half-way mark. Last week’s report from the Cherry Industry Administrative Board indicated that Northwest Michigan has harvested 23.8 million pounds to date against a 72.5-million-pound June estimate. West Central has harvested 32.6 million pounds to date, against their estimate of 53 million pounds. Southwest is at 11.7 million pounds and will not likely hit their forecast number of 14.5 million pounds. Pennsylvania is now at 2.2 million pounds. In New York and Wisconsin harvest is underway.

The weather in the East has been very hot and humid. This is unlike last year, when we never hit 90 degrees. In 10 days, the harvest in Michigan will be complete. Utah, Oregon, and Washington States have not yet started to harvest.