We’re excited to offer you, our print readers, something new, something interactive, and something, we hope, that will pique your interest, too. In April, we exchanged our old Web site layout for a whiz-bang, state-of-the-art site design that features original news stories, blogs from industry leaders, and topical content for areas of high interest. We’ve retained our extensive library of past issue content, but virtually everything else is different. The features include:

CURRENT NEWS. With the new Good Fruit Grower Web site, our editors can have articles and photographs live on the Web within minutes if the subject warrants such immediacy. You can even request an RSS feed for topics of interest, and you’ll be notified every time new material is published. Because it’s a Web-only resource, the current news information is not available in our printed publication. In fact, with the exception of the archived articles, most of the Web content is as original to it as the articles in the print publication are. We don’t waste your time with news releases that can be picked up anywhere.

BLOGS. We’ve enlisted the help of people in the know to write their personal observations of what’s happening in the worldwide arena of tree fruit and wine grape production and marketing. In “The Wind Machine,” Northwest Horticultural Council’s Christian Schlect  gives keen inside information of what’s happening on the political front, interpreting what he sees to give readers an idea of how politics may affect them. “Out of the Orchard” lends voice to the directors of selected promotion agencies from the Pacific Northwest, Michigan, and New York. Their mission is to tell you about their efforts on your behalf and to take you along when they meet with other industry leaders, buyers, politicians, and growers in their region—or around the world. Finally, “Vine to Wine” presents topics of interest to Washington State wine grape producers—and those who need to keep up with them.

INTERACTION. Want to comment? Ask a question? Debate?

The new Web site allows every reader a chance to agree or take issue with what any of the bloggers, reporters, or editors write. You do have to “log in” to make a comment, but the comments can be anonymous if you prefer.

FREE ACCESS. Most of the Web site is free to Internet users, including (for the first time) the archives of Good Fruit Grower articles going back 15 years. Only the current issue is restricted to digital subscribers.

Please take advantage of the power of the new Web site. And let us know what we can do to make the site work best for you and the ­industry.